Thursday, 12 May 2011

baby countdown

Just two weeks to go now. How it has come around so quickly is still shocking me. Although my body is starting to get heavy and weary, I'm still not feeling 100% prepared. Most probably because my husband is still over on the other side of the world for another week and the thought of anything happening without him being here yet somewhat terrifies me! However I've been slowly ticking things off the list...going through yet more boxes of Lila's tiny baby clothes, sorting and washing them, purchasing a pretty snazzy double buggy, getting my hospital bag packed and trying to remember everything/anything I learnt in my antenatal classes last time about giving birth. Seem to have blocked most of it out from the last time funnily enough.

I spent 3 days down in London visiting my dear friends, who threw me a wonderful baby shower during which an obscene amount of cake and other treats were consumed- by me at any rate. Apart from catching up with friends, a large proportion of time was also spent shopping, ahh, how I have missed thee UK shops. I made a beeline for all my favourites- Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Magma (just touching the tip of the iceberg here) and only just managed to struggle back home on the train laden down with bags. The buzz of the city is awesome and inspiring and it was great to be back in my old stomping ground. It did definitely make me grateful that I no longer have to contend with the underground and the insane crowds on a daily basis though. Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that, it that makes me sound so old.

Anyways, for now I'm happy to be back amongst the green fields and cows, and patiently bide my time until this new little lady decides she is ready to enter the world (note to bump: please wait for Daddy! Thanks in advance x)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

eye candy: the work of Polly Wreford

Over the past weekend, we spent a good number of hours trawling local car boot sales and antiques fairs sourcing antique silver candle holders and a range of mismatched glassware for displaying flowers, all in the name of decorating the tables at my sisters upcoming wedding. I can fully appreciate that most people would find this about as exciting as watching paint dry but I was in my element! My head is now overflowing with thoughts of displaying and arranging beautiful objects and I always turn to my favourite creatives for inspiration at moments such as this.

For anyone in search of a little visual inspiration, look no further than the stunning work of the renowned photographer Polly Wreford. Her images mainly focus on the interiors and lifestyle genres and her vast portfolio is packed to the brim with gorgeous shots, see more here. Here are a selection from her collection of still life photographs.

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