Monday, 29 March 2010

park life

Things have still been very hectic around here...I absolutely promise I'll share the full story soon! So whenever we've had a free moment we've made a beeline for the park to enjoy some of the very welcome sunshine that the early days of spring have graced us with so far.

Little lady Lila is in her element racing around with her ball or chasing after squirrels. Today she actually stayed in one place for about 10 minutes- this may actually be a record- which was in a flower bed, absolutely captivated by a ladybird sitting on a flower petal. Brilliant.

I can't believe that she will be turning two in a couple of months. She is already such an independent, adventurous little soul and she soaks up new words at an incredible rate. You can literally see her learning and growing every single day. Now our little baby is definitely a baby no more.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

a gypsy life for me

Ever since I was small I've had a total fascination with beautiful, traditional romany gypsy caravans. I think it's partly the appeal of the wandering lifestyle and the spirit of adventure--carrying your nearest and dearest and all your wordly possesions with you, settling in one place for a while and then when the wind changes, moving on to see what the delights the land elsewhere has to offer. That and the fact that they are so quaint and conjure up images of dancing around a camp fire in long flowing skirts and headscarves.

Well I just discovered that if you live in England or are planning a visit here, it is possible to stay in the one pictured above at the Wriggles Brook Gypsy B&B. Yes please! More details here.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

big decisions

Sorry for the appalling lack of posts over the last week, things have been pretty crazy here. There are certain major opportunities on the horizon for us as a family (well more like imminent future), that have required a lot of thinking, evaluating, soul searching and ultimately decison making.

I will fill you in with the news as soon as I know it is all confirmed, but just wanted to explain my absence and explain why things might be a bit quiet here for a while. I'll continue to post as often as I can, but it looks like things may get very busy for us. Exciting!

Image photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer and found
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