Monday, 21 June 2010

a day for dads

Curt, thanks for being pretty much the most awesome Dad that ever walked the planet and you're not a bad husband too! (Because you do so very many other things for her, I'll let you off about your advanced level nappy changing avoidance tactics) I doubt anyone loves their little girl more than you do and she truly worships the ground you walk on. Happy Fathers Day xxx

Also a shout out must be made to my own Dad (Known to all as Bob, and two years ago assigned the name of Grandpa Bob, which Lila has totally refused to call him, instead christening him- "Bobbo" which is actually far better and more funny), although he hasn't really taken on board the notion that such a thing as Father's Day actually exists. Thanks for everything Bobbo, the list is too long to even mention.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Portugal was utterly magnificent. For the past week we called this lovely yellow villa home...

Enjoyed the quiet, unspoilt beaches...

Introduced Lila to the joys of jumping in the waves...

And the delights of a quick paddle...

She got very busy with her bucket and spade...

While her Daddy went for a surf...

Then she decided she wanted to try out her own "skateboard in the sea" (but actually on the beach)...

There was time for long walks...

And ample beautiful scenery.

So all in all it was pretty near perfection. Also not pictured- quality time spent with my parents, lots of amazing seafood and lovely wine, a novel completed (read not written!), lots of pool time and floating on big inflatable animals and chairs kindly left by the villa's previous occupants and attempts to teach Lila to swim. Conclusion- she can currently only kick her legs or move her arms- not both at the same time but I'm sure we'll get there with time!

Now we have returned to London for the last week in our flat, and to tie up all the loose ends and say our farewells. Curt informed me today that our internet connection will be cut off tomorrow so I'll be offline until we arrive at my parents farm next Sunday to spend our last week in the UK with them.

So bye 'til then, it's going to be a hectic week for us with a whole load of conflicting emotions- lots of sad goodbyes, probably a bunch of nerves and a big dose of excitement too. Time for some deep breaths...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

summer holiday

Two posts in one day might be a record for me!... But just wanted to stop by to say that on Thursday I am heading off for a holiday in Portugal with Curt, Lila and my parents. After a crazy couple of weeks of purging all our possessions, packing boxes, sorting through clothes, shifting a load of stuff at a car boot sale, selling our car, cancelling all our utilities and generally stressing out about a to-do list which seems to be infinite, I am in great need of this break!

Looking forward to catching up on some reading, enjoying some delicious mediterranean food, building sandcastles and collecting shells with Lila on the beach. I'll be at the end of next week, hopefully feeling refreshed and all ready for the big move at the beginning of July. Eeek!

Image found at

Monday, 7 June 2010

colour schemes & themes

Since my sister got engaged recently, wedding fever has kicked in all over again! It's great to get involved in all the fun aspects of planning a big day without the pressure of it actually being my wedding this time! My major input so far has been designing a couple of moodboards for her.

The wedding will be held at a church local to my parent's home (a farm in the English countryside) and then the reception will take place in a marquee in the grounds of their house for the reception. She decided she wanted the wedding to have an antique kind of vibe and she liked the idea of green in the colour scheme so I came up with these two suggestions. The first moodboard features teal blue with purple and lavender, complemented by mint green and white/cream accents. The bottom one is again a teal blue, but with gold and a lighter shade of grass green with cream accents.

Unfortunately I don't have any image sources as I put them together quickly one evening, pulling images from here there and everywhere without actually thinking I would share them here. If anyone knows where any of them are from (or if they happen to be yours!) please do let me know and I'll credit them.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

seriously covetable

The V&A is one of the greatest museums in London, with a wonderful shop which I could easily spend hours and far too much money in! They also have an online shop which stocks a lovely selection of fashion & accessories, homeware, jewelley, posters & prints and stationery. Here are a few things that caught my eye during a quick browse.

Top image: V&A Hexagon 'Quilts' brooches
Maharaja Paisley umbrella... perfect for Summer showers!

'My home is my castle' Keyring

Raffia Summer trilby

Jade disc bangle

Kimono fish purse

Uprisings poster by Kozyndan (love all those little rabbits!)
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