Wednesday, 9 June 2010

summer holiday

Two posts in one day might be a record for me!... But just wanted to stop by to say that on Thursday I am heading off for a holiday in Portugal with Curt, Lila and my parents. After a crazy couple of weeks of purging all our possessions, packing boxes, sorting through clothes, shifting a load of stuff at a car boot sale, selling our car, cancelling all our utilities and generally stressing out about a to-do list which seems to be infinite, I am in great need of this break!

Looking forward to catching up on some reading, enjoying some delicious mediterranean food, building sandcastles and collecting shells with Lila on the beach. I'll be at the end of next week, hopefully feeling refreshed and all ready for the big move at the beginning of July. Eeek!

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Juultje said...

Have a great holiday and enjoy the sun, portugese food and hospitality.

Boa viagem e divertir-te

(have a good trip and enjoy)

Marinka said...

wow enjoy your trip in Portugal!

alisha said...

Hi Faye, I saw your comment on me and Mel's d*s guide to Auckland and thought I'd say hi since you're moving there from Auckland. My husband and I moved from London to Auckland too and quickly fell in love with NZ - you're in for a treat! There's so much creativity there. We sadly left a few weeks ago but the place has a huge spot in my heart and I'm excited for your next adventure.

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