Friday, 28 May 2010

big news revealed!

You may remember that a while ago I mentioned we had something quite major in the works and were having to make all sorts of big life changing decisions...Well I'm happy to say that I can now reveal all. We will soon be moving to the other side of the world (literally!) to live in New Zealand!

Curt has been offered a job transfer to Auckland with the company he works for and we will be saying goodbye to London at the start of July and heading off to New Zealand. We're really excited about a more relaxed lifestyle, the beautiful scenery and a better climate to mention just a few things. Though right now there is an overwhelming amount of things to be done, friends and family to enjoy our last month here in the UK with and possessions to be sorted through and shipped off. I barely know where to begin! So apologies if the posting here is a little light over the next few weeks.

I look forward to sharing the events of our new life and adventure in New Zealand :)

Image above by Chris Gin on flickr.


anna and the ring said...

Oh gosh, how entirely fabulous!


Cannot wait to hear all about your NZ adventure!

Bumpkin Bears said...

How very exciting, I have always wanted to visit NZ, what adventures little Lilla will have :) HAPPY Birthday to her too, I loved the photos of your party :) Hugs, Catherine xx

Marinka said...

Oh lucky you! I hope you will like your stay there:) good luck packing!!

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