Wednesday, 26 May 2010

happy birthday to...lila!

On Saturday we celebrated Lila's 2nd birthday. Yes, I can't believe I actually have a two year old daughter now either! Our beautiful baby is now officially a little girl. It is absolutely insane the speed with which those years have passed though when I think back to being a child, a year felt like a lifetime. Funny how time speeds up like that.

The sun was kind enough to cooperate and shone extra brightly for the garden party and BBQ we had planned. It was an all round beautiful day and the birthday girl had a fantastic time playing in her new tipee tent (very impressively hand sewn by my mother and then constructed with poles from the garden centre) and playing with her little friends. The cupcake decorating activity was a highlight and Lila especially enjoyed joining in and singing happy birthday to herself when it was time to blow her candles out!

Update on pictures! Managed to fix them- think I had somehow managed to upload the thumbnails originally which is why they were so blurry.

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Marinka said...

aaww she is such a cute

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