Friday, 27 April 2012

pretty watercolour illustrations

I'm inspired by these works created in watercolour and ink by talented illustrator Samantha Hahn. Her fashion influenced images and portraits have a delicate, feminine look but she manages to give the subjects a little bit of attitude too and the muted colour palettes create a very dreamy feel. Check out her shop to purchase prints and other products featuring her illustrations and her inspiring blog Maquette is worth a look too, which she describes as "eye candy for the visually hungry".

Monday, 23 April 2012

little luxuries

Sometimes the daily grind wears you down. The big events, the life changing milestones grab all the glory. The holidays we look forward to for months on end, the weddings, births and celebrations that are cherished. The everyday living, the working, the cleaning, the cooking are underwhelming in comparison but seeing as it's these simple domestic tasks that make up the back bone of a life, there is surely a lot to be said for making the mundane a little more joyful and considered. I'm backing the idea of adding little luxuries into daily life. I'm not really talking material objects or things involving purchases, though I won't lie, treating myself to the new issue of one my favourite magazines or a good block of dark chocolate or a nice cheese always makes an ordinary day pretty awesome.

It may be something as simple moving an unused radio into the kitchen and listening to a great station while doing the washing up. Running a warm bath with some essential oils at the end of a long day instead of zoning out to a mindless TV show. Or breaking out of the usual lunch routine and making something a bit more fancy (i.e. not involving toast). I plan to use any rare five minutes of downtime to sit outside with a cup of tea and feel the sun warm my face and grass under my toes. I'll still have to tackle the mountain of laundry afterwards but hopefully with a little more grace, zen and gratitude.

Images from the portfolio of photographer Ditte Isager.

Friday, 20 April 2012

autumn days

Still no sign of any autumnal weather arriving here in Melbourne just yet, so instead I am enjoying these beautiful images by Kajico which are conjuring up the mood of autumn in the best possible way. No doubt when what feels like the perpetual summer does eventually end and I will have to start wearing proper shoes again, it will be a lot more rainy and less picturesque than this. On the plus side, there will be less upkeep required on the toenail polish front. We will be taking full advantage of the beautiful weather forecast this weekend however, pottering around outdoors and maybe swinging by the beach just in case it's the last fling for the sun before she goes into hibernation for a few months.

Via Miss Moss.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

ship and shape

This is one online store worth taking a look at. As purveyors of (damned) fine goods, the ladies behind Ship and Shape are designers and makers that wanted to create a space to showcase quality, handmade goods. Each season they carefully curate a mix of their own works alongside unique handmade products made by their favourite artists. Loving everything about it, from the products themselves to the site design, the gorgeous graphics and photography. Here's a few things that caught my eye (see below all the images for info and links)...



Airtight skate pack- This would make my husband so incredibly happy.
SP12 terra necklace //  Yeah! notecard pack // Tiny triangle studs // Mini hanging planters

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

back on track

Sorry for the silence, it's been a house of illness here for the past few weeks. Lila has had a bout of croup, I've had a throat infection and Rose has had a relentless cold. We're all on the mend now though and have been out and about again making the most of the autumn sunshine. On the bright side Lila has been busy with lots of Easter crafts- so far we have a felt chick, a painted and glittered egg shell and an Easter basket on display (Rose has been trying her best to join in- crawling over to the little table and pulling herself up so she can then start throwing everything on the floor...resulting in one very frustrated big sister!)

Our plans for the Easter weekend involve an Easter egg hunt for Lila in the garden on Friday, then driving down the coast to Torquay for a couple of days to enjoy some family down time and watch the Ripcurl Boardmasters surfing contest at Bells Beach. I wonder if seeing the pros do their thing will have Lila all excited about learning to ride her little foam surf board when Summer rolls around again! I know that would make her Daddy a very happy man :)

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