Monday, 23 April 2012

little luxuries

Sometimes the daily grind wears you down. The big events, the life changing milestones grab all the glory. The holidays we look forward to for months on end, the weddings, births and celebrations that are cherished. The everyday living, the working, the cleaning, the cooking are underwhelming in comparison but seeing as it's these simple domestic tasks that make up the back bone of a life, there is surely a lot to be said for making the mundane a little more joyful and considered. I'm backing the idea of adding little luxuries into daily life. I'm not really talking material objects or things involving purchases, though I won't lie, treating myself to the new issue of one my favourite magazines or a good block of dark chocolate or a nice cheese always makes an ordinary day pretty awesome.

It may be something as simple moving an unused radio into the kitchen and listening to a great station while doing the washing up. Running a warm bath with some essential oils at the end of a long day instead of zoning out to a mindless TV show. Or breaking out of the usual lunch routine and making something a bit more fancy (i.e. not involving toast). I plan to use any rare five minutes of downtime to sit outside with a cup of tea and feel the sun warm my face and grass under my toes. I'll still have to tackle the mountain of laundry afterwards but hopefully with a little more grace, zen and gratitude.

Images from the portfolio of photographer Ditte Isager.

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