Wednesday, 12 May 2010

london living

This is the home of Emily Chambers- stylist, author and owner of the amazing homeware shop Caravan which I've posted about before here. She and her husband live in a converted warehouse in Shoreditch (a trendy area of East London) which is the ideal backdrop for her eclectic, quirky style and showcases her talent for bringing together an array of different objects, prints and colours and fusing them all perfectly. Beautiful and very inspiring. The white walls really allow the many textures and patterns to take centre stage and it looks so light and airy.

All images found on Marie Claire Maison.


anna and the ring said...

Gosh, how entirely stylish.

One day!

Victoria said...

Wow, that is amazing! Look at that couch, and the dining table... I don't know that it's really my style, but I can totally admire it.

Marinka said...

I love her appartment and I want the same dinner table as her

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