Friday, 20 November 2009


is probably the one of the very best shops I've ever been too. Hidden away down an unassuming street in East London, it contains simply the loveliest interior accessories, decorative trinkets and generally beautiful objects. It gains even more brownie points because everything in there isn't hideously exprensive. Though there are some things priced at the higher end of the spectrum, there are also some lovely bits and pieces for as little as £7.

It is owned by the interior stylist Emily Chalmers, which would explain the unique, artfully arranged and beautifully styled interior. She is also the author of what looks to be an excellent interiors book called 'Flea Market Style' (mental note- add to Christmas list), which neatly sums up the aesthetic of Caravan. If you like to gather pretty, unusual items to make your home characterful then get to this place by any means possible! (No they didn't pay me to write this. I wish!) I just like it. A lot. Even their website is a sheer joy to behold).

All images from the Caravan website

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