Thursday, 19 November 2009

modern muses: sofia coppola

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts so far this week, I honestly don't know where the days have got to, how on earth is it already Wednesday evening. Anyway, onto the second installment in my 'Modern Muses' series...

Hmm, where shall I start. As the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola (director of The Godfather films), maybe it was inevitable that Sofia would follow in his footsteps. Making her first foray into the world of the big screen by appearing in one of her fathers films at the at the age of two, today she is the acclaimed, award-winning film director of three cult indie films turned blockbusters. The Virgin Suicides was her directorial debut, followed by Lost in Translation and most recently the sumptuous Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst.

Each of these films is a visual feast for the eyes, from the eerie but beautiful, dreamlike cinematography of The Virgin Suicides to the gorgeously lavish, overtly feminine costumes and sets of Marie Antoinette. She is also a style icon- she has understated chic down to a fine art, and is a long time friend and muse of designer Marc Jacobs. Not to mention mother to 3 year old daughter Romy (her partner is Thomas Mars, the lead singer with the French rock band Phoenix). Wow. Oh and she lives in Paris, a city she has cited as a major inspiration to her. So, anyone else just a teeny bit jealous here...

Images via the New York Times

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Savoir Weddings said...

Oh I totally agree and am so jealous of her! Marie Antoinette was so stunning and I'd love to live in Paris too. Sigh!

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