Monday, 7 June 2010

colour schemes & themes

Since my sister got engaged recently, wedding fever has kicked in all over again! It's great to get involved in all the fun aspects of planning a big day without the pressure of it actually being my wedding this time! My major input so far has been designing a couple of moodboards for her.

The wedding will be held at a church local to my parent's home (a farm in the English countryside) and then the reception will take place in a marquee in the grounds of their house for the reception. She decided she wanted the wedding to have an antique kind of vibe and she liked the idea of green in the colour scheme so I came up with these two suggestions. The first moodboard features teal blue with purple and lavender, complemented by mint green and white/cream accents. The bottom one is again a teal blue, but with gold and a lighter shade of grass green with cream accents.

Unfortunately I don't have any image sources as I put them together quickly one evening, pulling images from here there and everywhere without actually thinking I would share them here. If anyone knows where any of them are from (or if they happen to be yours!) please do let me know and I'll credit them.


anna and the ring said...

Oh the prettiness. I adore the first board. You certainly have a good eye for fabulousness!

Jo said...

Beautiful! I'm on the look out for an old (but in working condition) typewriter to set up on the day, perhaps in the grotto, for guests to use to type messages (instead of the traditional guestbook scenario)...keep your eyes peeled! xx

Faye said...

Thanks Anna! Making moodboards is one of my greatest loves in life :)

Jo- Oh I actually saw a really nice old typewriter in a charity shop in Wimbledon the other day. I'll go and see if it's still there xxx

Marinka said...

love it those colours are so amazing

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