Monday, 21 June 2010

a day for dads

Curt, thanks for being pretty much the most awesome Dad that ever walked the planet and you're not a bad husband too! (Because you do so very many other things for her, I'll let you off about your advanced level nappy changing avoidance tactics) I doubt anyone loves their little girl more than you do and she truly worships the ground you walk on. Happy Fathers Day xxx

Also a shout out must be made to my own Dad (Known to all as Bob, and two years ago assigned the name of Grandpa Bob, which Lila has totally refused to call him, instead christening him- "Bobbo" which is actually far better and more funny), although he hasn't really taken on board the notion that such a thing as Father's Day actually exists. Thanks for everything Bobbo, the list is too long to even mention.

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