Thursday, 18 March 2010

a gypsy life for me

Ever since I was small I've had a total fascination with beautiful, traditional romany gypsy caravans. I think it's partly the appeal of the wandering lifestyle and the spirit of adventure--carrying your nearest and dearest and all your wordly possesions with you, settling in one place for a while and then when the wind changes, moving on to see what the delights the land elsewhere has to offer. That and the fact that they are so quaint and conjure up images of dancing around a camp fire in long flowing skirts and headscarves.

Well I just discovered that if you live in England or are planning a visit here, it is possible to stay in the one pictured above at the Wriggles Brook Gypsy B&B. Yes please! More details here.

1 comment:

Mila said...

oooh i ove this so much!
i'd love to be there right now...
just relaxing!


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