Thursday, 14 May 2009

lucy gough

One of the big bonuses of my job (I work for a graphic design company that produces greetings cards, stationary and accessory ranges) is that part of my role is dealing with the freelance illustrators that we commission to design cards for us and whose artwork we licence for use on our products. Because of this I am always scouting for new talent and coming across designers and artists with fantastic and inspirational work.

One of my new favourites whose work I stumbled upon the other day is the artist and illustrator Lucy Gough. Love the simplicity and vulnerability of her images and her use of text with photographs above. Her typography is pretty rad too-below are some of her illustrations. See her website and more of her work here.


Sophie said...

love them, so cool!

Sophie ^-^

Angie said...

Such great work :)

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Very cool. I love unique lettering. I usually avoid text in my work, but this reminds me that the text itself can be the art.

Lily G. said...

These are so cute!

Jessica Marie said...

oh! i would just love to receive cards like those

Lucy Gough said...

just been browsing on the web and found your post on my work. thank you so much for your feature and the kind comments too. it's great inspiration for me to make some new work! Lucy x

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