Saturday, 1 August 2009

a place to call home

When one day we get a house we can call our own, I like to imagine that Curt may let me make it look something like the rooms in these images (all found via the insanely inspiring mypeterpancomplex on tumblr). The chances of this aren't incredibly likely as his ideals of design and decoration sway very heavily towards the minimalism aesthetic.

So as understanding as he is of my ridiculous hoarding tendencies and urgent need to cover every available surface and wall with beautiful things, something tells me I will probably have to compromise on the amount of romantic, feminine details, florals and decorative items (what he calls 'clutter') it will never stop me dreaming of it.

1 comment:

Bumpkin Bears said...

oo I love these rooms, so light and dreamy - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing :) Hugs, catherine

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