Friday, 18 September 2009

wedding snapshots- the dinner & evening celebration

So this post finishes off the series of snapshots of our wedding (taken by various friends and family members). Here you can see some interior shots of the marquee where we all sat down for an absolutely delicious dinner after the champagne and canapes and then carried on the celebrations after the speeches (which made everyone laugh and cry- I was so surprised and touched by them- never knew that Curt and my Dad had it in them!

The tables were all named after trees, in honor of the countryside setting of the event. My mother sewed all the napkins using off cuts from her collection of beautiful fabrics and we decorated each one with a sprig of rosemary from the garden. After the cutting of our tiny cake at the top of our cupcake tower (the cupcakes were heavenly by the way), we welcomed the extra guests who were arriving for the evening reception and then had our first dance. After that, the band took to the stage and we all hit the dance floor with a vengeance to rock the night away to some classic tunes. It was an amazing party and the band even got some of our more than willing friends up to take over one of the microphones and sing their hearts out. Brilliant!

The image of the marquee all lit up (but with no one inside it!) was actually taken the night before when all the lighting was being tested out. At about 11pm on the evening itself, I got changed into my 'leaving outfit'- a long white grecian style chiffon dress with gold sequin details, a gold sequinned cape and flat gold sandals which is pictured above. I was planning to put it on just before our send off at midnight, but all the dancing in my big dress made for one very overheated bride so I put it on a little bit earlier!

Everyone came outside to see us off before we left in our wedding car which took us to the quaint local country b&b where we spent our wedding night. I threw my bouquet which was hoping to be caught by a very large crowd of eager young ladies but ended up landing in the arms of my sister! Everyone thought this was a fix but I swear it wasn't. My poor Dad had better start saving for the next wedding then...

Photo credits - These images were taken by Curt's Dad Peter, my sister and chief bridesmaid Jo and my friend Jo.


Bumpkin Bears said...

oh what happy times this must have been, thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. Love all the details on the tables and those cup cakes are fabulous. I bet you can't wait for the official photos :) Catherine x

Little Lovables said...

what a dreamy wedding!

Kate said...

Your sequined cape is a dream!

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