Monday, 29 November 2010

three plus one

I know my blogging/ general social presence has been sporadic lately to say the least, however I promise that I do have a very good reason for this. A large proportion of the past three months has been spent hovering over the toilet or pathetically clinging to the sofa whilst simultaneously trying to operate normally on a daily basis- getting to work, entertaining a two year old, putting together an edible meal and so on. My attempts have been a bit shoddy to say the least, so massive thanks must go out to my long suffering husband- sorry for the amount of beans on toast you have had to consume for dinner and for doing all the housework. I think it's all definitely worth it though as we are thrilled that our little family will be welcoming a new arrival in May next year. Woohoo!

P.S Big thanks must also go out to the manufacturers of Coca Cola, raisin toast and salt and vinegar crisps as they have been the only things that have seemed to wish to remain in my stomach. Sadly not at all healthy but absolutely necessary to enable semi normal functioning.

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