Wednesday, 12 January 2011

it's a....


I had my 20 week scan earlier this week and we found out that the new addition to the family is a little bundle of sugar and spice and all things nice :)

I can't honestly say it was a surprise as both Curt and I had been pretty sure this was the case from the start (at least my instincts are a little more on track these days- when I was pregnant with Lila I was absolutely convinced that she was a boy and didn't initially believe the sonographer when she told me she was a girl).

We are very happy, though of course I do feel for Curt a teeny bit who will be completely outnumbered in a household full of women! Lila is thrilled as she has been asking for a baby sister ever since she found out about the tiny baby in Mama's tummy. As I am one of two sisters, I am excited to think of my two little girls growing up and experiencing a childhood together and sharing a precious bond as close as the one we have, knowing that what ever happens they will have a best friend for life.

P.S The ridiculously adorable baby booties are from the Etsy shop handmadebabylove

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