Monday, 13 February 2012


These table settings are so beautiful. I have a thing for coloured and mismatched crockery. Our dinner set is currently a gorgeous brightly patterned one from Whittard (definitely less delicate than these but you need something more robust with small hands around) and it always reminds me of the circus. I'm getting all excited for entertaining at our place in the next week or two.

Making food for friends and hanging out together is one of the very best things in life. We don't do anything fancy, though I'd love an excuse to rock out some of these place settings! Simple, fresh food, a plentiful supply of wine and good company does it every time. I received this cookery book I've had my eye on for ages as a Christmas gift and I'm dying to try some of the recipes out. I'm thinking a big barbecue with some pretty lanterns strung up in the garden and maybe a few jugs of Pimms. Who's in? :)

Images via dustjacket attic.

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Juultje said...

Oh so pretty, especially the first 2 ones. I love to mix plates etc. Still roaming thrift stores so I will have a nice collection.

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