Tuesday, 20 March 2012

just a minute in march...2012

It's been a fairly mixed bag of a month so far with a few rough patches- primarily Lila Curt and I coming down with a horrendous sickness virus...urgh...enough said about that. We've had some beautiful weather though, supposedly it's now officially autumn but we're still getting balmy, sunshine days. We enjoyed a lovely long weekend with a trip to our new favourite beach Half Moon Bay, just a 20 minute drive down the coast and complete with an actual shipwreck. Curt spend the weekend at the Melbourne Grand Prix, getting his fix of fast cars and free food and drinks thanks to all-access tickets from a kind friend while I got my hair cut, hung out with my sister, went to a friends BBQ and pottered about in the garden with the kids.

Reading...Home Love by Megan Morton which I picked up from the library. Definitely a winning source of inspiration on the interior decor front and it's given me more ideas for a few little projects around here.

Dreaming.... Of books, books and more books! There is a beautiful bookshop just a short walk away from our house and I often find my self wandering in for a browse if I'm taking Rose for an afternoon walk. I have to physically restrain myself from walking way with armfuls of beautiful, expensive coffee table tomes and novels with enticing titles. Needless to say, my amazon wish list is getting a bit out of control now (am all for supporting independent booksellers, and do wherever I can, I just wish books weren't so insanely expensive here in Aus.)

Inspired...By looking back over all my pinterest boards. I've been pinning for about six months now (thankfully slightly less obsessively these days, as frankly it was getting ridiculous) and have amassed an embarrassingly large amount of images I love of everything from style inspiration to DIY project ideas which is probably one of the reasons I haven't embraced the TV now it has finally arrived. Nothing better in the evenings than settling down on the sofa with a glass of wine and the iPad for a spot of escapism and visual eye candy.

Buying...A few necessary items I was lacking ready for autumn/winter (when it arrives... there's no rush though, d'you hear me weather!) I picked up a casual canvas parka jacket and a cream, chunky Aran knit sweater from asos for day-to-day wear out and about with the kids. Now I just need a couple of new pair of jeans (got my eye on this burgundy pair from my wish list).

Planning...A little trip. We have some domestic flight credits to use up before the end of the year so we are thinking of a city break to Sydney in the next few months.

Sleeping...for a blissful 8 hours interrupted. Rose finally slept straight through the night last night. It's only taken nine months!! Hoping it's not just a one off but we'll have to wait and see. We definitely didn't appreciate how lucky we were when Lila was sleeping through at 4 months.

Saving...very hard for a trip back to the UK in the Autumn for a very good friends wedding and to see the family. Debating if we could possibly financially manage to fit in a visit to South Africa on the way back to Australia to catch up with Curt's family and all our friends there. Lila and Rose have four cousins in SA, Lila has only ever met the eldest two and Rose hasn't met any of them!

Images: // the shipwreck at Half Moon Bay // our bountiful herb patch// Blair and Curt at the Grand Prix // track side // clear water at Half Moon Bay // air display at Grand Prix //Rose practising her wave // our olive and lime trees // Lila strikes a pose // South Bank in the city- and Curt's office // a stroll down the promenade in Port Melbourne

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