Monday, 2 July 2012

just a minute in june

A few snapshots and a little update of what's been happening in these parts during the past month:

Buying...At the more exciting end of the spectrum, some beautiful new ankle boots. Slightly more mundane: a couple of heaters and a tumble drier because it is so cold here at the moment and we were growing extremely tired of having a freezing cold house and clothes which we could never get dry.

Enjoying...My 29th birthday this weekend. It was the first birthday for which I've had a proper celebration in a few years (when babies come along their birthdays have a habit of taking over). We had a great dinner out followed by a few glasses of champagne. I'm looking forward to making the last year of my twenties one to remember!

Reading... There's not been much time for reading lately and I have a stack of books building up now waiting to be read. When I get immersed in a good book it usually takes over my entire life and I can't do anything else until I've finished it... reading while cooking, reading while eating...thank goodness I'm a pretty fast reader :) I felt in the mood for a classic so I've just started The Cranford Chronicles by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Listening...Curt recently bought a record player so we've been slowly starting to build up a collection of classic vinyls and it's been so good to introduce the girls to some of the standout sounds from the '80s and '90s which take us straight back to our childhoods (hello Direstraits and Simple Minds). Though unfortunately my dear husband thought it would be amusing to pick up a Culture Club album which Lila immediately latched onto and now 'Karma Chameleon' is constantly ringing in our ears.

Watching...We well and truly got sucked into the Australian version of The Voice, which has left a bit of a void since ending a couple of weeks ago. I also get my weekly fix of Downtown Abbey on a Sunday evening which Curt can't abide but I am not exactly enraptured with Robson Green's Extreme Fishing on a Wednesday so that evens things out a little. 

Eating...Everything in sight! Winter does nothing for my waistline, I just crave comfort food and I've been letting myself go wild. Time to exercise some restraint in an attempt to avoid a huge panic before summer shows up again.

Creating...I've been experimenting with making some beads from coloured clay and turning them into necklaces which stemmed from an idea to replicate one I'd been lusting after for some time. Despite the whole concept sounding like something ten year olds do for art class in school, I've been pleasantly surpised with the results and itching to try out some more ideas.

Pictures...afternoon rainbow spotted from our garden // Lila and Rose at the adventure playground // first ponytail // ballet class

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