Monday, 20 August 2012

a home of our own

It's been a surreal, stressful but ultimately wildly exciting couple of weeks involving headaches with mortgage brokers, negotiations with estate agents, numerous phone calls and emails with lawyers and a ridiculous amount of paperwork. However it's been worth all of the late nights and grey hairs as we have a house to call our very own, our first home no less. After living in rentals the size of shoe boxes for more years than I care to calculate it feels so good to be able to say that.

My dreams of decorating, furnishing, tinkering around with, creating a garden for, making a home- our home, for our family can now become a reality :)

It all happened incredibly quickly due to Curt being offered a promotion which involves a job relocation to Geelong, a city about an hours drive out of Melbourne. Once we knew we'd be moving out of Melbourne itself, it was an easy decision to base ourselves in a small coastal town about twenty minutes drive away from Geelong. Torquay- the first town on the famous Great Ocean Road, home to the world famous surf break Bells Beach and the capital of surf culture in Victoria, being the birthplace of the iconic surf brands Quiksilver and Ripcurl.

During the summer months it is a thriving holiday town and a more chilled out place during winter but somewhere we are very excited to be able to call our home. It feels like we now really get the chance to live the beachside, outdoor, relaxed lifestyle we came here in search of. We will be moving in at the start of October, so there's lots to be done and sorted out before then. As for the house, it is a three bedroom wooden board, beach style house in a lovely street. Pictures to come soon I promise.

Image from designlovefest.

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