Wednesday, 24 October 2012

cricket court

Cricket Court is the quirky, bohemian country estate of British fashion designer Alice Temperley- complete with two pet llamas no less. Located in Somerset, in close proximity to the cider farm which is her childhood home, this is where she escapes the big city to spend weekends with her husband and their young son Fox. 

The whimsical interior emphasizes the houses' classic period features and reflects her love of all things British whilst also incorporating ornate ethnic elements and influences from her world travels. I love the fact that this home has so much character and reflects the personalities and passions of its occupants so charmingly. There's nothing better than a home which tells a story. Oh and of course the elevated free standing Victorian bath which is the centre piece of the master bedroom had me at hello.


Via Vanity Fair. Photographs by Francois Halard.


Anonymous said...

I think the word for this is eccentric. I wish I had the budget to be eccentric. As it is, I'm just whimsical.

Faye said...

Absolutely. I think being eccentric seems to go hand in hand with having a lot of money (like aristocratic British people who come from 'old' money but drive around in old banger cars and wear clothes with holes in them).

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