Sunday, 11 November 2012

fairy doors [a magical childhood]

When I first found out I was going to be a mother, I was so unsure about a thousand different things. Of course the big questions along the lines of...will I actually make a good parent? Can I effectively raise a little human being? The more selfish...will my life change for ever and will I have to stop doing everything I love? (Yes, but in a good way and no, you just learn to be more flexible). And of course the more mundane but the heck will I know how to change a nappy or know what to to when the baby cries? Despite all this, one thing I was sure about right from the very beginning was that I wanted my to try my very best to give my children a magical childhood.

For them to spent hours at the bottom of the garden with magnifying glasses looking for faires. When they lose a sock to smile a secret smile in the knowledge that a Borrower is using it for a far more important purpose. To make tiny nests and leave out offerings of nuts and seeds for the wood sprites during the cold winter months. I freely admit that I believed in Father Christmas far past the age that most children had found out or been told the horrible truth and stubbornly refused to listen to anyone that tried to persuade me otherwise. The sooty footprints by the fireplace, the carrots the reindeer had chewed, the mince pie crumbs and drained glass of sherry and the cards he sometimes left us were soild, unshakeable proof to me.With our treasured twenty pence piece in exchange for a tooth, my sister and I would recieve tiny letters from the tooth fairy written on scaps of paper the size of postage stamps.

When I saw the tutorial for making these fairy doors I knew it was something that would have to be done here. I immediately set to looking on ebay for dolls house doors and tiny accessories. Rose is still a little young to understand but old enough to be intruiged and Lila, whose mind is already filled with elves, fairies and magical wonderlands will be absolutely thrilled to see the evidence that we are indeed not alone.

For full instructions, click over to Kate's Creative Space. A blog I have newly discovered by a lady that is equally committed to creating a magical childhood and a beautiful crafty life. If you pop on over I guarantee you will spend an hour of two caught up in all her wonderful projects and inspiring home. Her wonderful advent calendar is also on my to do list for this coming week (athough there are two shop bought back ups stashed away in the pantry as the days until the first of December are already flying past at a pretty frightening pace).

Images from Kates Creative Space.


Anonymous said...

The fairy doors are amazing! I want to make them and put them everywhere. Maybe there should be a secret club or society that install these doors all over the world.

Faye said...

Love that idea! How awesome would it be to just come across them out and about in public spaces, not just in your own home. I want to put one on an old tree at the park :)

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

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