Saturday, 21 February 2009

our little lila bean

Hmmm, so my prediction of not having much time after she finally arrived seems to have been on the mark! Hence the lack of a blog post for near on for a year now. But what a (almost year it has been). There has been joy, laughter, tears, sleepless nights and that doesn't begin to sum up the half of it. I suppose I can simply say that it's been a rollercoaster of emotions and new experiences and a huge learning curve for me, curt and everyone who has been involved in little lila bee's life so far. But I have loved every second of it (ok with the exception of some of the more stinky nappies and some of the worst broken nights).

She decided to make her entrance into the world exactly a week late and she has been doing things on her own terms since then! She is now 2 days away from her 9 month old birthday... I figured for the first year surely every month is a birthday...and is already a real little personality. I have started back at work 2 days a week and now after plenty of time getting to grips with mummydom and all things baby related, I feel the time has arrived to start to apply myself once again.

So...hello blog! Hopefully I'll be spending a bit more time with you from now on! :)

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