Sunday, 7 June 2009

hello flower

I've been doing a bit of research on corsages over on the wonderful etsy. I'd love a beautiful fabric flower pinned to one side at hip level on my wedding dress to add a bit of colour and a finishing touch to the outfit. I think this would suit the style of my dress well (can't go into too much detail in case Curt reads this!) The very lovely one above is by MGMart on etsy.

I found so many wonderful choices that I'm having a really hard time making my mind up. Weddings aside, all of these would also look equally stunning pinned onto a simple dress or a jacket to add a unique, feminine element and would instantly transform a tired old outfit. The possibilities are endless, hmmm, I am tempted to build up a whole collection of them!

This gorgeous creation has a subtle vintage look to it- by threadandpetal on etsy.

Loving the gentle pinks and the cream fabric with the hint of a print- also by MGMart on etsy.

The frothy layers of charcoal grey and lilac are so pretty-by tijusai on etsy.


Amber Enea said...

Those are gorgeous! They would also look good in the hair! Etsy is such a fab place full of wonderful things...

Carolyne said...

Those are just exquisite! I do love Etsy!

Jessica Marie said...

omg i love love love the second one. so cute!

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