Thursday, 4 June 2009

lady with a camera- catherine servel

I'm really liking the work of fashion photographer Catherine Servel. I discovered her on the website of the agency which represents her- D+V Management. These are a selection of my favourites from her portfolio of images.

I have a degree in fashion (Fashion Promotion to be exact), which I studied at The London College of Fashion. Although my life at the moment could not be further away than the glitzy, intense and heady world of high fashion, I still like to immerse myself in the images every now and then. Usually it's the mood of the whole picture, the location of the shoot and the colours, not always the specific clothes that catch my eye and draw me to a particular shot.


Barcelonazero said...

Very nice picture! Lovely

Mila said...

Gorgeous! <3

Great blog you have, dear!


mattamorphis said...

That last shot is Fabulous. I love your blog, very refreshing.

Jessica Marie said...

love these pictures, faye!

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