Tuesday, 2 February 2010

just a minute in...january

Ooops... I just realised that we are actually already in February so this is now a day overdue. But better late than never, so here's what rocked my world during the past month. The pics above are of our little lady Lila out and about during January.

Reading...I have been reading the wonderful novel 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Burrows. I had seen rave reviews about it everywhere but that weirdly had the adverse effect of making me not really want to pick it up. Just because sometimes it's more gratifying to unearth something that isn't in all the bestseller lists but is more of an undiscovered treasure and when you find it and love it so much it's like a secret you want to keep all to your self.

But this really is worth all the hype, I have fallen for it in a big way and can literally not put in down. I have even been wandering around the kitchen with my head buried in it while I cook dinner.

Listening...I went to a gig to see these guys with a couple of my friends. I'd never heard their music before (my friend Jenny's cousin is their Manager) but I was really impressed. Very atmospheric, very different and altogether captivating.

Watching...Seeing as the X Factor is now over, I needed to find a new guilty pleasure, viewing wise and thankfully the second series of the new 90210 series stepped in the fill the void. So trashy, so bitchy, so glamorous and so messed up. Total escapism. Just what I was after!

Buying... A couple of things in the sales. Namely a pretty rose print cardigan from Topshop and a tight floral print dress from Zara. It would seem that 2010 is already shaping up to be a flowery year for me!

Loving...Kiehls Creme de Corps body lotion. This stuff is amazing! This is another instance where I should have taken heed of the hype sooner. I knew it was a cult beauty item but had never actually tried it for myself (probably something to do it being quite pricey) until my friend Steph bought me some as a gift. It makes skin so soft and is not even the tiniest bit greasy. Just what my poor dry body has been crying out for in these harsh winter months.

Wanting...The Spring to hurry up and arrive! Admittedly one of my resolutions for the year has been to be more present. To enjoy every day for itself and not wish time away, but I just cannot help being so over this freezing, dreary weather. I miss the sunshine! I am simply not a winter person and that is just a fact of life :)

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Pattie said...

Just wanted to say that those pictures are too precious :)

And, you just reminded me that I need some more lotion

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