Wednesday, 17 February 2010

planet awesome kid

When I first discovered this blog featuring adorable kids snapped in trendy outfits, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. As much as I enjoy dressing Lila in cute clothes at the moment, surely one of the most wonderful things about childhood (well as soon as children are able to dress themselves), is being able to throw on the most weird and wonderful outfit combinations and go out to the shops in a Spiderman outfit or a tutu worn over a swimming costume and teamed with wellies. Trying to look cool should surely not even be on a young childs radar, as there's enough of that pressure that soon comes along a few years down the line!

Then I quickly realised that the Planet Awesome Kid is all about celebrating children for their uniqueness, character and spirit. Which is surely a good thing, right. These images brilliantly capture the spark, personality and individuality of each child. The site also links up with local and global childrens charities to host kid-centric events and raise funds to help under privileged kids and their families.

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