Monday, 27 September 2010

checking in

Sorry for my absence from the blog. It's been another crazy work week which involved racing between shows at New Zealand Fashion week and spending the past four days in a shopping mall doing a Walk in Wardrobe event- giving 15 minute style consultations to members of the public. I have such a hoarse voice from talking almost solidly for 10 hours a day!

Seeing as my head has been full of fashion, I thought I'd share some of my favourite looks of the moment. As much as I admire the work of the top designers, I'm still most inspired by style on the street and the looks put together by real people. The image above is from The Sartorialist. Loving the tailored shorts paired with a loose top, the whole effect is relaxed but polished thanks to the addition of the shoes and the necklace.

Great combination of a hoody thrown on over a pretty white dress. Cute ankle boots too.
Image from Ascot Friday.

What an awesome 70's vibe, so simple yet well put together. The hat just makes it.
Image from The Sartorialist.

I'm glad to have the next three days off work, to spend some quality time with little Lila and the hubby who I have barely seen at all over the past couple of weeks. We have been like ships passing in the night as I've just been collapsing onthe sofa from exhaustion when I've made it home and crawled into bed shortly afterwards.

In other family news, my Grandmother sadly passed away last week. It's very sad news, especially as my sister and I are both on the other side of the world so unable to be there at her funeral. She was an amazing lady who will be very greatly missed, and I have the best childhood memories of dancing around her lounge to the Jungle Book album on vinyl which she would play for us on her record player. She was also the person who instilled in me my love of baking as we spent many happy hours making cakes (scraping the cake mixture out of the sides of the empty bowl was always the best bit). It makes it easier to be able to take comfort in the fact she had a long, full and happy life with a big family she was very proud of and passed peacefully, content that her time had come.

I thought I'd end on a happy note, with a book Lila and I discovered on our weekly library excursion. It's called 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers and is beautifully illustrated with a sweet, uplifting story about loneliness and the power of friendship, depicting an encounter between a penguin and a little boy. The illustrations are so expressive and have an almost dreamlike quality to them. It's a firm favourite our ours already.


Bumpkin Bears said...

I am so sorry to hear of your Grandmother passing away. How very special though you had her for so long and she was able to be at your wedding and to see your beautiful girl. I am glad your job is going well. Hugs, Catherine x

Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

My condolences over your grandmother's passing.

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