Sunday, 13 February 2011

buying at mini boden

You have to admit that even if you wouldn't necessarily buy your own clothes from Boden, they do make some pretty darn cute clothes for kids. Right now the bright colours, bold prints and that quintessential Englishness of them are really appealing to me. It can be tricky to find covetable childrens clothes here in New Zealand and that coupled with the fact that Lila has spent the past few months of Summer here mainly racing around naked or in her swimming costume has led to a realisation that the poor child is definitely in need of a few new threads. Especially as we will be heading back to the UK for a couple of months in April and the temperature there will definitely require that she is clothed!

Let's be honest, dressing your child is one of the more fun apects of parenting which offsets the more trying times- right now tantrums and potty training, and I know it won't be long until she insists on choosing her own outfits and who knows what we will be in for then! So I got myself over to the Boden website and spent a happy hour choosing and ordering her the items pictured above which will be ready and waiting for us at my parents place when we land in England. The jeans, boots and cardigan were all in the sale so great bargains, and will be also be perfect for setting her up for winter when we get back to NZ.

Loving the Parisian chic of the little striped tops and I am seriously considering the blue and yellow spotted dress for her Christening, which will also be taking place when we are back in the homeland. Considering she will be almost three, and not exactly a babe in arms, I thought that it might be acceptable to steer away from the traditional white.

And I also spotted these little numbers for the newest member who will soon be joining the family...haven't bought them yet but sorely tempted.


Natacha Malkin said...

Oh faye if only I'd known you shopped at Boden, my housemate is a fashion merchandiser there and gets many %%% discount! xx

Faye said...

You're kidding, that is awesome. I will bear that in mind next time the little terror needs some new clothes! Xxx

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