Tuesday, 8 February 2011

thoughts of home

The green fields and red bricks will always be home to me. The fact I am returning in 9 weeks is a great feeling. Big thanks to my sister and her wedding for giving me a chance to come back for a while!

My thoughts are of home and what it means as I just finished reading a book I really enjoyed, particularly this extract below.

"David will return to Mosel years later, with his wife and children. I will show them the estate, and then he and I will walk the grounds at dusk and he will ask me why I never left. Home is the place where you've felt the most, I will tell him. And that can be any place. Or anyone. It doesn't matter how long you lived there. It's what you'll always want to come back to."

Excerpt from The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys.

I love to travel and have lived in, experienced and enjoyed my fair share of places but this is always the one I look forward to returning to. Wherever I am, this is still always what I mean when I refer to home. Some of my happiest times and best memories have been created here. The only downside is that while I am here I will have to spend many days away from he who is my other home until he comes to join us for the wedding and the arrival of the new little one.

But I always carry both my homes in my heart, wherever they or I may be.

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Leslie said...

What a beautiful place! Sometimes our homes remain in our minds and some are still there to visit! Have a wonderful time.

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