Wednesday, 23 March 2011

interior inspiration: colour hit

At the moment I'm being drawn to pops of colour in otherwise fairly neutral, muted, light and airy white rooms. The ones pictured here all have some great elements- be it a yellow sofa, a mint green wall, a bright patterened cushion, a mix of colourful picture frames or a painted blue table. I like the fact that it's a pretty easy look to re-create, armed with a tin of paint you can easily transform a piece of old wooden furniture or brighten up a wall.

I also adore this room below with it's sunny yellow wall, white iron bed frame and vintage floral bed linen and cushions. However it's safe to say I don't fancy my chances of the husband ever agreeing to let me to recreate this ridiculously girly look in our own bedroom!

Images: 21547777@N03 on flickr, kootutmurut on flickr, jasnajanekovic on flickr, and Fryd+Design, both via decor8, redonline.

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