Monday, 22 August 2011

just a minute in...august

It's almost the end of August already? How the heck did that happen. Well as the month was racing on by, this is what I've been up to, accompanied by some pics from the weekend.

Reading...The latest issue of my all time favourite Frankie magazine and also a random selection of magazines that the postman keeps delivering to us (someone else is getting their magazine subscriptions sent to our address by mistake. Winner!)

Watching...Being a highly squeamish person, I'm never usually one for medical dramas but I can't get enough of the new series of Grey's Anatomy. Forgot how much I love that show...and a certain doctor ;)

Listening ...On the journey to trying to educate Lila in good music, we've been rediscovering the joys of Jose Gonzalez . She still seems a lot more keen on The Lion King soundtrack however. Hmm, well at least it's an improvement on 'The Wheels on The Bus' CD. I also dug out a classical CD my mother bought for Lila when she was a tiny thing and it's been great at chilling both the girls when we all need a bit of quiet time.

Buying...a little too much in the way of clothing. But they were all such great bargains!

Enjoying...A gorgeously sunny weekend spent wandering around on the waterfront admiring all the yachts and eating ice creams, visiting friends and baking a particularly delicious chocolate cake. Spring seems to have arrived, yippee. Also grateful for some extra sleep as Rose is now only waking for one short feed in the night. Thank you my darling girl.

Wanting...Not really wanting for much at the moment- except for the usual, you know, winning the lottery, wishing all my friends and family would also move over to this side of the world! Right now, life is good :)

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