Friday, 19 August 2011

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I got my shop on in a big way this past week, in the most stress free way possible when you have a newborn and a 3 year old to contend with- online and from the luxury of my own sofa. I decided it would be logical to take advantage of the end of Summer sales from all my favorite UK retailers and get myself and the little ones kitted out ready for our upcoming Summer in New Zealand. I've probably mentioned it before but nice clothing over here is ridiculously expensive and fairly limited in choice.

Obviously I stocked up as much as I can when I was back home a couple of months ago but there is only so much a person can fit into a bag with a paltry 20kg luggage allowance to contend with. Curt does his own thing when it comes to clothes shopping, he definitely enjoys it as much as any woman so naturally I wouldn't dream of taking that pleasure away from him :)

My first online stop was one of my all time favourite stores Zara, where I picked up some bits and pieces for myself and Rose and then onto Mini Boden for Lila. Next up was ASOS, where I made the extremely exciting discovery that they ship internationally...for free!! How I did not know this before I do not know (for all my other purchases I have to rely on the goodness of my long suffering, dear mother having everything delivered to her house in the UK and then posting it on to me). Here's a peek at some of the goodies that went in to my shopping cart.

The floppy straw hat and sleeveless button through dress pictured at the top were both absolute steals from ASOS. For the past few months I've been on the hunt for awesome button front dresses and tops as they make feeding Rose so much easier, especially when I'm out and about. For myself I also couldn't resist the gorgeous aquamarine shade of these shorts and the mint green hue of this cardigan- which will be perfect for throwing on when it gets a bit breezy at the beach.

Lila scored a cute polka dot retro style bikini and a beach kaftan, amongst other things, both from Mini Boden.

For Rose I chose this darling little checked romper and pretty embroidered dress, both from Zara Kids.

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