Friday, 25 November 2011

happy things

The coconut scent of sun cream
A chai latte bought by a generous friend
My sweet baby falling asleep in my arms
A glass of wine whilst making Summer plans
An ice cream at the beach
Stealing a turn on the swings at the playground
Stretching out on the sand and feeling the sun warm my skin
A freshly baked bread roll with butter and raspberry jam
Neon pink toe nails and lightly tanned toes
Sharing a bean bag with my love
A package of treats received from home
Making Christmas cards with Lila

These things all made me smile this weekend, and although the weather has since turned and we seem to have waved goodbye to Summer in the past few days, hopefully it's just a temporary blip. I thought I would share in any case seeing as it's the time of year for giving thanks and all that.

And because it's always good to keep it real, I also managed to sun burn my left cheek to a fierce shade of red and Lila added to the ever growing collection of bumps and cuts adorning her legs when she tripped over at the park. The poor child seems to have inherited my ridiculous level of clumsiness and tendency to bruise easily.

In other news, Rose is still fighting off the remnants of her cold and has suddenly decided that she doesn't like sleeping very much anymore. It feels like she woke up about fifteen times last night. Hopefully this is also a temporary blip as I am a walking zombie today. No amount of under eye concealer can conceal these dark shadows!

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