Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It's hard to wrap my head around the fact this little girl is already five months old. Where has my tiny baby gone?! During the past week she has started sitting on her own (surrounded by a safety guard of cushions!) and she is trying all sorts of pureed fruits and vegetables like a champion. So much so that she gets in a frenzy of anticipation whenever she sees her little pink bowl and spoon and cries if I don't spoon it in quickly enough.

She has now moved in with her big sister, who thankfully seems to sleep like the living dead and only the loudest of cries from Rose will half raise her from her slumber. However for the past two days Rose has been suffering from a particularly nasty cold and has been struggling to breathe easily at night so Curt has decamped to the sofa and she has temporarily nabbed his spot next to me in the big bed until she gets a bit better. She better not get too used to it!

This weekend she had her first go on a swing at the playground which she took in her usual calm stride. She loves nothing more than hanging out with Lila and they read books together (when Lila is in a cooperative mood), which is the sweetest thing on Earth.

And her Daddy, being an incredibly mature and responsible parent at all times, thinks it's really funny to take pictures like this...

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