Sunday, 17 June 2012

memory keepers

As a fan of saving mementos and chronicling events and memories (usually in a more haphazard method involving stuffing everything in a huge box with the intention of sorting through it one day), these beautiful scrapboxes created by Darcy Miller are so appealing to me. She has framed her family photographs along with relevant objects- such as a birthday snapshot of her daughter with one of the candles she blew out, adding a whole new dimension to the stock standard photo in a frame and showcasing and giving meaning to the objects she has saved rather than just keeping them in a box to gather dust.

It takes a well honed creative eye to curate and layout these treasure boxes to such great effect, avoiding too much clutter and stopping them from crossing over into nauseatingly twee territory but she has absolutely nailed it. I'm now itching to get myself down to Ikea to pick up some similar frames and have a go.

Discovered via A Cup of Jo

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