Tuesday, 12 June 2012

on our walls

Here are a few snapshots of what is currently adorning our walls. I considered taking some pictures of the rest of the house too but it was frankly obscenely messy- imagine an explosion in a toy factory and you'll get the idea, and the floors could really do with a vacuum so those will have to wait 'til next time. 

above : letters and pictures in the hallway

above : canvas covered with Matthew Williamson wallpaper and gems above our bed


above : artwork (robot kid painting by me and the other one by Lila), framed greetings card and owls in the girls bedroom

above : the girls party outfits and Lila's shopping bag


above : the outside passageway wall 

above : wooden antler head, robot print and retro clock in the living room

above: greens and blues, photos and butterflys above my chest of drawers in our bedroom 

above : Lila's artwork in the girls bedroom

above : origami paper stars hanging above Rose's cot 

above : paper heart garland hanging from the window in the girls bedroom

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