Thursday, 8 May 2008

hello summer

Yay! So it looks like summer here in London (or at least spring) has finally shown its face. After a long, miserable winter and a slow start to the warmer season (what was beginning to feel like weeks of constant rain and clouds), we have now had a few days of glorious sunshine. Have been feeling very lucky to be on maternity leave this week as it has allowed me to spend hours lying in the park 'resting' whilst soaking up some sun and all importantly getting some colour to my pasty white limbs. Have also been lugging my sketchbook along with me and been using the opportunity to work on some drawings and I know when baby finally decides to arrive there will be rare opportunities for such creative ventures in the first few months!

So here is my latest one at the initial sketch stage (a close-up due to the size restrictions created by my rather small scanner)...

Hopefully more will be on their way very soon if this surge of inspiration and motivation combined with the promising weater continues!

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