Friday, 2 May 2008

new beginnings

Little Miss at 11 weeks...(now a darn sight larger and hopefully preparing for imminent arrival)

Well now seems as good a time to start this off as any. I'm sitting here on my sofa a 6.45am on a Friday morning like a beached whale, wondering if today will be the day she finally decides to arrive...wondering how my brain power could have deteriorated to the extent that I forgot to buy milk yesterday when the most challenging part of my day involved lying on the sofa changing the channel on the TV remote. Everyone says that first babies are usually late but surely there are some exceptions to the, for example. I was born two weeks early so surely some kind of logic may suggest that she would kindly do the same, but hang on...nope. The kicking and squirming has already begun, a sure sign that today will not be the day after all. If the tottering pile of baby and pregnancy library books threatening to fall off my bedside table are all correct (and I feel that the odds are probably high on this one), a little one as crazily active as this is not one which is quite ready to make an entrance to the world just yet. And so another day of the waiting game begins.

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