Sunday, 4 May 2008

some things

I will miss about being pregnant...

being lazy and not feeling too bad about it...having a good reason for letting other people do things for me like make me food and cleaning the house (mainly poor Curt!)...feeling her kicking and moving around(though this can sometimes can feel more like punishment when it wakes you up at 3am, if you actually stop to think about it, this really is something quite amazing)...the excitement of daydreaming and wondering what she will look like/act like when she is pregnancy yoga class...pre-labour maternity leave (the chance to lie in and watch daytime TV whilst still being paid is not to be sniffed at ...afternoon naps...being able to eat as much chocolate and other sweet type treats as feasibly possible without feeling guilty about it.

I will (most definitely) not miss about being pregnant...

my swollen sausage fingers (which are currently causing me to have to wear my engagement ring on my pinkie finger!)...the 3 moths of gruelling morning sickness, which I wouldn't wish on even my worst enemy... having to get up to pee multiple times during the night and not being able to get back to sleep again...the lower back ache...not being able to fit in any of my clothes (*sigh* for all the pretty summer dresses in my wardrobe...soon, soon my lovelies!)...not being able to eat blue cheese/goats cheese etc- all the cheeses that I love the most...being (almost) tee-total- though on the plus side my liver has definitely thanked me for this.

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