Monday, 19 July 2010

life on a houseboat

It was a while ago that I first came across some images of the awesome house boat that British author Josie Curran and her boyfriend (and their baby son) call home, and I've been meaning to share them ever since.

They moved from a 2 bed London flat to a two story house boat moored on the river Thames at Hampton Court, on one of a cluster of tiny islands each made up of about a dozen back gardens and a lane. They wanted to move to the country but needed to stay close to London for work so this was the perfect compromise. It sounds like a truly idyllic, village type location, and yet is still only a 25 minute train ride away from the city. They spend their summer evenings entertaining friends, fishing, swimming and sitting on the deck. Yes please! There's no doubt that if I still lived in London I would be doing my very best to find one of these for my own little family.

I absolutely love the way that they've furnished the house boat- with a mix of eclectic finds from antique markets, and artwork and decorative items from talented independent designers. Josie's boyfriend Barney collects vintage surf posters which adorn the walls- nice touch. Hope you find the images and lifestyle as inspiring as I do.

Images from Times Online and Guardian Online. Sorry some of them are a bit blurry! They were very small so didn't enlarge too well.


Victoria said...

Wow! I had a friend who went to live in London on a houseboat in exactly that area, but this was not at all what I pictured. :) Thanks for sharing!

Bumpkin Bears said...

mmmm that's the life :) I hope you are all settling in well, x

Savoir Weddings said...

Absurdly awesome! I live in London in a flat by the canal and I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a houseboat.

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