Saturday, 10 July 2010

hello auckland

Just checking in quickly to say we have finally arrived in Auckland! After many hours of travelling and a two day stop over in the incredibly sticky and insanely busy city of Bangkok (thank goodness for the hotel's outdoor swimming pool!) we are trying to adjust to a new time zone and get our bearings. Lila is stuggling with jet lag and was awake between the hours of 11pm-4am last night/this morning...ouch... but apart from that everything is peachy so far. Outside there is blue skies and sunshine- and this is Winter! We are looking forward to exploring the city today and meeting up with Curt's friend and his family who live out here. I'll be back in the next couple of days, hopefully with some pictures of the city we will now be calling home x

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anna and the ring said...

Gosh, how fabulous! Congratulations on making it there!

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