Sunday, 17 April 2011

country life

After an intense couple of days traveling (3 flights and 30 something hours later), Lila and I are now back in the UK for our 2 and a half month stay. As much as I love living in New Zealand, it feels so good to be home. We survived the plane trips with the help of lots of new iPad apps and puzzles, some sticker books, a little princess and a king figurine and lots of healthy yummy snacks... I didn't fancy a hyper toddler on a sugar high confined in the chair next to me! It was exhausting, a little stressful but all in all it went really well and it was more than worth it when we were met at the airport by my parents.

We have spent the rest of the week getting over our jet leg, unpacking and just enjoying being back at the farm. We have been visiting the sheep, the baby lambs and the new calves, walking the dog through the fields, I've been catching up with all the past years copies of UK Vogue and Sunday Times Style magazine my Mum has saved for me, immersing myself in long, hot baths- so good after living in an apartment with only a shower! Also unpacking my deliveries from Mini Boden for Lila and Topshop Maternity for me, devouring fish and chip, home cooked and country pub dinners and catching up with friends and family. Only one thing is missing and he is still back in Auckland working for another month. We miss you Curt.

We've got a fairly hectic schedule coming up including the birth of a baby (ours), a christening and a birthday (Lila's) and a wedding (my sisters) so we've got lots of planning and preparations to keep us busy in the meantime!

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Bumpkin Bears said...

So glad you both survived the journey! I so know what you mean about being back to England, I always feel the same when I go back, ahhh fish and chips! Have a lovely time being looked after by your parents. Good luck with the arrival of your new little one, Catherine x

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