Sunday, 3 April 2011

nursery inspiration

We've begun to make a few changes to Lila's nursery/bedroom in preparation for the new arrival. The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months or so but we have started to make some space in the nursery as they will be sharing a room after that. We packed away some of the toys Lila has outgrown and have been busy getting all her baby things like the moses basket and the bouncing chair out of the garage and giving them a good clean and sort throgh ready to be used again. We have also aquired another chest of drawers to store all the teeny tiny little clothes in.

To say that the nursery is on the small side is a huge understatement, but I'm still determined to make it as pretty as possible for my girls. Here are some images of beautiful childrens spaces from around the web which have caught my eye and given me lots of inspiration.

The pastel/muted colors used in the top two images create a great atmosphere and are a creative alternative to sugary pink. I'm also drawn to the diverse assortment of prints used in the furnishings.

These oversized pom poms attached to the ceiling are an amazing focal point...

Love the painted brick walls, iron bed frame and eclectic assortment of objects on display...

This is ultra sophisticated with a great colour scheme, furniture and picture display. The graphic chevron rug just makes it...

The vibrant yellow cot contrasts so well with the blue walls and the tapestry hoops on the wall are a great decorative idea, not to mention the pink light fixture!..

The unabashed girliness of this closet had me at hello. I love how it is overflowing with treasures...

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Laura said...

Such pretty rooms and all of the colour schemes are lovely! I can't choose which one I like best! Some of the cosier ones are very nice though.

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Thank-you :)

Laura x

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