Tuesday, 26 April 2011

easter (and eating)

The sun just kept on shining for us over the Easter weekend. Some of the fun involved an awesome family day out and Easter Egg Trail in a gorgeous setting followed by dinner at our favourite pub. We got busy in the kitchen making Easter nests (cornflake cakes filled with mini eggs) and decorated a straw Easter bonnet for Lila with yards of pretty ribbons. We visited the beautiful country house gardens of the richest man in England and enjoyed a picnic on the lawns and a delicious afternon tea with cake of course- I feel I should mention here that it wasn't a personal invitation just a special day when they are open to the public!

We came across this incredible little childrens play house in the grounds...I almost died. Apart from obviously wanting to move in myself, I would love one just like this for Lila and her soon to arrive little sister, but while Curt is very good at DIY, this may possibly be too much of an ambitious project!

Here is Lila with my cousins Natacha and Zoe, her new best friends.

It goes without saying that an indecent amount of chocolate was consumed over the weekend- someone had to help out Lila with all her goodies and it would be rude not to when you have the excuse of eating for two :) So in a nutshell, it was a glorious weekend of gardens, blue skies and eating. Lovely, though I feel like I am very definitely full now.

However as this is a chocolate themed post it seems only right to share my latest and greatest discovery- A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate by Lindt. Yes, salty chocolate. I wasn't convinced until I tried it but it is so good, especially when you have sweet and salty cravings simultaneously. I sincerely hope I can get hold of this when I get back to New Zealand as I think I have sparked off a long-term obsession.

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