Thursday, 30 June 2011

twenty eight

Hello birthday. You came around even more quickly this year, speeding up no doubt as we draw ever closer to the inevitable big 30. I don't know why this thought panics me at all as I think I've done a good job of cramming a decent amount into my 28 years on the planet- a degree, a round the world trip, a range of mainly enjoyable, creative jobs- although unfortunately none have made me any closer to paying off the university overdraft. I've gathered some amazing friends and am lucky enough to have a loving family, a pretty damn fine husband, a new adventure living in New Zealand and two beautiful children. Though hang on, before this all gets too nauseating let's just stop for a quick reality check.

Getting out of the house with a 3 year old and a newborn is a major military operation, in fact getting (any of us) dressed before 11am is a huge achievement. This by the way does not involve a carefully considered, stylish outfit choice, just a case of throwing on whatever is cleanest or nearest as within a matter of minutes it's likely to be sporting some embellishment of a little patch of baby sick or peanut butter smears from grubby fingers and if I'm really lucky then maybe also a faint odour of stale milk. Make- up? A distant memory. Which is a shame as the climate in New Zealand seems to leave me in a permanent state of teenage style acne outbreaks and the only thing which seems to have any effect on it is the most expensive organic moisturiser and facial cleansing products available. The price of which almost gave my poor husband a heart attack when he last checked our bank statement. Then there's also the small matter of the rather vast sum of money we owe my ever generous parents, who funded our recent flights back over to the UK.

But on the other hand, the beach is only a 5 minute walk down the road, the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day today even though it's the middle of winter. We have food in the fridge and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some birthday cake later. So life is good. The's still a lot I want to do but if I did actually get around to around to writing that book and maybe owning my own shop in the next two years then what would I have to look forward to when I hit 30 after all.

Image by nubiany on flickr. Mmm, a slice of this would do just fine!


Victoria said...

Happy birthday!! I'm turning 27 in two weeks, and until a few months ago, age never bothered me at all... I barely even thought about getting older. Then BAM! I woke up in the middle of the night this spring and realized I was going to be in my LATE TWENTIES OMG - it felt like life was flashing before my eyes and yesterday I was 16 and tomorrow I would be 60 and the next day I would be dead. I had a giant panic attack and I was depressed for the whole week. :) My boyfriend says it happened to him too (he's 31 now) and happens to a lot of people when you get into your late twenties. I feel a lot better about it now... I don't think about it as often, but I do find myself more resolved to make the most of my life... we try to go out every weekend and do something, and I try to waste less time on the internet with no purpose. Anyway, I didn't mean to write you a novel, but I understand the feeling! :) I do hope you have a happy birthday!!

Faye said...

Thanks Victoria, glad to hear I'm not alone in this! Makes me feel a bit less crazy :) I totally hear you about making the most of life and wasting less time online, I've been trying to do the same x

Charis said...

Sounds like you've crammed in more than most people! Save me a slice of cake ;)

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