Sunday, 3 July 2011

one month old

Our sweet little girl is now a month old. It's unbelievable how quickly these first weeks have passed. She is very happy to be reunited with her Daddy again now we have arrived back in New Zealand, and for the past two days she has been smiling at us (I know, I know, babies aren't supposed to smile until six weeks old but I swear we have seen real smiles!) She is a joy to be around and has been sleeping well at night- two nights ago she managed an almost six hour stretch which was bliss but there was no such luck last night as she was waking for a feed every two hours so feeling a little weary as I type this.

Her favourite thing to do is sit in her bouncy chair and just watch her big sister intently, she could do this for hours and her eyes literally follow Lila as she moves around the room. She also loves to wave her little arms and legs around and make small noises. Next week Lila starts Montessori school for 3 days a week which she is wildly excited about so I am looking forward to some time with just me and my littlest lady.

Picture Credit- Jill Thorning-Jensen. This was taken on the morning of my sister's wedding when Rose was only five days old, being held here by her Dad.

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